We Are Armed For Coaching Success New Year 2018 With Great Business Tools

EISdigital is a modern generation software for coaching management solutions. Its armed with high-tech tools which can help you to success in coaching business. 

1. Service Tools - Deliver your excellence and best results :
"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein 
Teacher always strive for student success. We offer various proven tools like Online Exam, Classroom Exam, Performance Analysis, Personal touch with parent, Digital Learning, Video Library, e-Assignment and more. These tools are useful for teachers and students to achieve best results. 

2. Business Management Tools - Streamline your process and ease your business :
Coaching management is not so simple as schools. Various things are complicated in coaching institute for example Schedule, Fees Handling, Customized Commitments, Attendance, Salary Calculation, Inquiry handing, Student Handing and Notification etc. EISdigital has state-of-art tools for handling business operations with ease. Its an ERP software comes with more than 30 modules for institute business workflow automation and guarantee 100% digitization of your coaching.

3. Business Analysis Tools - Analyze the past and plan the future :
Its worthful to analyze your previous work before making any business strategy. No matter its related to service delivery(Result), ease of handing business or financial planning and predictions. Every business aspect must be analyzed deeply on the basis of historical data. EISdigital has business analytics tools and Key Performance Indicators(KPI), build through modern Data-Science practices. These tools use statistical analysis and probability for accurate analysis. These tools provides business insights. For example - inquiry vs registration trends analysis, income-expense analysis, comparison with past year/month, course comparison, batch performance analysis, student performance analysis, course-fees planning, marketing-investment analysis and more. 

4. Market Leadership Tools - Be a leader in your segment :
Everyone want to win in competitive market. Isn't it ? But how?
A a great business adviser and motivational guru says :
"Winner don't do different but they do differently" - Shiv Khera
Yes! Lets innovate your teaching through audio-visuals tools (Video Library, Presentations). Place quick decision making tools(business reports, KPI, analytics). Set business engagement tools(SMS, Email, App notification, Online Test). Free yourself from the business management burden when EIS can do this for you, remember a successful manager is free for 75% time. Use digital marketing tools(SMS, Social Media, Email etc). And finally last but not least transfer the High-Tech feel to your customer - it really works. EIS has every tool what you needed for your coaching success.

5. Business Growth Tools - Its a combination of Strategy, Service and Technology
A business growth is determined in various ways. Right tools, right time and right service ensure your business growth. EISdigital is a right choice for coaching business solution.
Quick Reasons To Buy EISdigital.com:

Feature Highlights
Please watch this small video clip for quick overview of the product. There are various new features like LMS, Live Classes, Assignments, Live Chat, Sell Video Courses etc are not covered in this video presentation. The quick list of all features are mentioned below.   You can also watch our another small video live-demonstration of EISdigital ERP.

Here is the list of all features: 
Benefits of Using Software and Apps For Institutes
  1. LMS enables new opportunities to teach through videos
  2. Your classes will be continue - even during CORONA-LOCKDOWN
  3. You can sale your videos-courses
  4. Tech-Enabled Learning increases your market reach
  5. The communication is easier and quicker
  6. Reduces your managerial burden, increases focus on teaching
  7. KPI and Reports for quick decision making
  8. Save money by reducing efforts and time
  9. Boost the business productivity
  10. Reduce mistakes generally happens in paper-work
  11. Its Go Green, Go Digital trends
  12. Increase customer engagement
  13. Enable Mobility in your business through Mobile and Tab generation
  14. Streamline workflow and process