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Video Library for Backup and Revision Batches

  • The module manages all videos tutorials and class-room recorded sessions
  • The videos can be used for revision, backup and video course subscription
  • Video Library is hosted in your LAN (intranet), LAN hardware expense is bear by client 
  • Videos are accessible as per student subscription(batch-wise)
  • Video is uploaded by User/Faculty/Backoffice team
  • Video can have description and file attachments
  • Video watch history is managed(view count)
  • Videos can be categorized - batch wise, subject/topic-wise
  • For all entities like Employee, Faculty, Students, Accountant, Manager and Counsellor the same login detail works. No separate account required
  • Tagging/Bookmarking is supported on videos for quick search
  • Ready to use filters to search videos
  • Uploaded video can deleted/edited(only text editing allowed)
  • Video and Contents can be managed as needed
  • Video Library is accessible and controlled using same-online user/student login details.
  • Unlimited videos can be uploaded - as its hosted in your server
  • Multiple students can watch videos at a time from multiple computers
  • Supported on PC, Mobile and Tab - on web browser