Best Institute Management Software

EISdigital is a modern generation online institute management software to transform your coaching business to new edge and make things easier and profitable.

Here are few common coaching management problems every coaching owner experience:  
1. Its difficult to manage and followup inquiries/leads timely through paper work or excel. Because excel or paper cannot notify the next-followup-date. Also sometime your counsellor is on leave. Management studies says maximum inquiries can be converted into business when followup is done on time.  EISdigital Inquiry Management helps in handling leads through proper lead-management-lifecycle  and results in maximum conversion.

2. The world is hyper-connected through internet technologies and smart phones. EISdigital is a best coaching software supports all modern technology features. It can take your coaching on trend. Provide a modern technology infrastructure to your staff for better, faster and error free results. Also it helps student to gain performance through Online Test, Practice Test, Revision Test, Study Material Uploading, Study link sharing etc. As as a business owner you can have full control on your business.

3. Accounts and Fees Management is again a challenge and difficult to handle manually through excel or paper books. There are many things complicated like EMI/Instalments , Refund, Cheque/PDC, Cheque Bounce or Cleared tracking, Income Prediction, Bad Debts, Tax Estimation(GST) etc. Sometime if you missed a single EMI, its cost would be higher than buying a software for simplifying accounting. We recomment to deploy a software which can work for you. You just focus on you business objectives. EISdigital it the right choice which is exclusively designed for coaching management. It comes with all accounting related features along with Goods and Service Tax(GST) features and many other features required for complete institute management. 
Read our blog where we described Common Mistakes Done By Coaching Institutions along with solutions.

Try EISdigital - its a best coaching management solution, I am sure it has potential to transform your business towards excellence.

Quick Reasons To Buy

Feature Highlights
Please watch this small video clip for quick overview of the product. There are various new features like LMS, Live Classes, Assignments, Live Chat, Sell Video Courses etc are not covered in this video presentation. The quick list of all features are mentioned below.   You can also watch our another small video live-demonstration of EISdigital ERP.

Here is the list of all features: 
Benefits of Using Software and Apps For Institutes
  1. LMS enables new opportunities to teach through videos
  2. Your classes will be continue - even during CORONA-LOCKDOWN
  3. You can sale your videos-courses
  4. Tech-Enabled Learning increases your market reach
  5. The communication is easier and quicker
  6. Reduces your managerial burden, increases focus on teaching
  7. KPI and Reports for quick decision making
  8. Save money by reducing efforts and time
  9. Boost the business productivity
  10. Reduce mistakes generally happens in paper-work
  11. Its Go Green, Go Digital trends
  12. Increase customer engagement
  13. Enable Mobility in your business through Mobile and Tab generation
  14. Streamline workflow and process