Modules & Features

Enquiry & Follow-up

  • Register New Enquiry
  • Enquiry Listing and Search
  • Enquiry Follow-up and Track Conversation
  • Manage Next Follow-up Schedule(Next Follow-up Date)
  • Move Enquiry for Registration(No need to refill all details during registration, basic details will be taken from enquiry)
  • Send Email or SMS to inquired student.
  • Export Enquiry to EXCEL, PDF and CSV formats
  • Multiple Search Features - Quick Search and Advanced Search
  • Manage Enquiry Status - New, Registered, Fake, Not-Interested, Joined Others
  • Fees Commitment and Automatic Fees Calculator
  • File Attachment(upload) in Enquiry
  • Print Enquiry
  • Enquiry - Edit, Delete, Quick View, Full View
  • Move enquiry for registration and assign a Batch/Course
  • Clone Enquiry Record
  • Enquiry History Log - user-field wise with date and time

Student Management

  • Register Student
  • Assign Student to Batch/Course (Move To Batch)
  • Student List and Search
  • Fees/Payment Management
    • Part/Installment Payment Support,
    • Payment Schedule,
    • Schedule Next Installment,
    • Tracking Due Payment,
    • Receipt Generation and Printing
    • Fees Refund Tracking
  • Student - Edit, Delete, Quick View and Full View
  • Student Search - Basic/Free Text and Advanced
  • Email and SMS based communication.
  • File Attachment for Student - Ex. ID Card, Address Proof, Resume etc
  • Add/Edit/Delete Multiple Note/Remark for Student
  • Document dispatch detail (Issued Data Tracking) - Ex. Printed Notes, CD etc
  • Project wise student Management - Required when Institute is dealing in Industrial Training Programs for BE(CS/IT), MCA, B. Tech, B. Sc(IT/CS), M. Sc(IT/CS), BCA etc
  • Student Certification Builder - Issue, Export, Print, Delete
  • Print Student Complete Detail
  • Student Placement Management
  • Export Student Detail(with field customization) - PDF, EXCEL, CSV
  • Student Status Management: Active, Block, Old
  • Clone Student Record
  • Student History Log - user-field wise with date and time

Fees Management

  • Part/Installment Payment Support
  • Tracking Due Payment
  • Schedule Next Installment
  • Receipt Generation and Printing
  • Fees Refund Tracking
  • History Log - user-field wise with date and time
  • Search Payments using different parameters - batch wise, college wise, payment-status wise, student wise, student id wise
  • Management reports related to finance - Ex. Total Collection/Pendings of a Batch
  • Export Fees Reports - PFD, EXCEL, CSV format

Income and Expenses Management (Transaction)

  • Bill Payment Management
  • Client Receipts Management
  • Income and Expenses Tracking
  • PDC(Post Dated Cheque) Management
  • Listing and Searching of Expense
  • Listing and Searching of Income
  • Export Income and Expenses - PFD, EXCEL, CSV format
  • Graphical Reports - Income vs Expenses
  • Year wise comparison - Income vs Expenses
  • Fees Refund Tracking

Contact Management

  • Manage all Company Contacts at one place - student contact, client contact, employee contact, electrition contact, placement agency contact etc.
  • Role wise access of Contact
  • Listing and Searching of Contacts
  • Export Contact - PDF, EXCEL, CSV format
  • Contact Views - Quick and Full View
  • Print Contact
  • SMS and Email Notifications and Communication

Human Resource Management(HRM)

  • Employee Profile Builder
  • Listing and Searching
  • Salary Management
  • Salary Approval and Rejection
  • Attendence Management
  • Leave Management
  • Pay Slip Generation
  • Export Feature(field wise customization allowed) - PDF, EXCEL, CSV format
  • Advanced Salary Support
  • Salary Deduction Management
  • Employee Status Management - Block, Active, Old
  • SMS and Email Notifications and Communication
  • Employee History Log - user-field wise with date and time

Advanced Reports with Graph

  • Enquiry and Registration Report - Compare
  • Transaction reports - Income vs Expenses
  • Course Wise Reports - Compare Courses
  • Batch Wise Report - Compare Batches
  • Overall Report - Income, Expenses, Enquiry, Registration, Refund etc
  • Daily Income and Expenses Reports
  • Daily Enquiry and Registration Reports
  • Report with Graph and Filter Criteria - date range, batch, course etc
  • Report with tabular data
  • Report with Export feature - PNG, PDF
  • Reports access on Android Phone
  • Dashboard reports

Mobile App (Mobile/Tab)

EISDigital App provides one touch access to Institute Services. It has great utility features for STUDENT, OPERATOR, ADMIN, EMPLOYEE, CLIENT and MANAGER roles. Presently it has limited features compared to its web version. Kindly check role wise feature summary below supported in Mobile App.

    • Self Enquiry on Tab/Mobile, no paper required
    • Sync Enquiry to cloud server
    • Delete, Edit, and Search Enquiry
    • Offline and Online Enquiry entry allowed
    • QR Code scanner for automatic search
    • QR Code scanner for attendance marking
    • Reports and KPI
    • Daily enquiry and registration summary
    • Daily fees collection summary
    • Prediction for next day (expected income)
    • Operator activity statistics
    • Daily Status Report (DSR)
    • Data/File download center
    • Payments summary
    • Attendance summary
    • My Profile
    • Fees due date notification
    • Study material or blogs or links
    • Course subscription
    • News and Events
    • Query section (ask query to institute team)
    • Exam and Result
    • Daily Status Report (DSR) entry
    • Apply for leave
    • Salary Slip download

Scheduler and Reminder

  • Schedule task like bill payment date, birthday greeting notification and anything you want to set for reminder

SMS and Email Notification

  • EIS supports SMS and Email based communication throughout the system like Enquiry, Student, Employee etc
  • Batch Cancellation Notification
  • Enquiry - Thank you notification
  • Student Registration Notification
  • Payment Confirmation
  • Payment Reminder

Multi Branch Support

  • EIS multiple instance can run for multiple branches
  • Integrated reporting for multiple branches
  • Integrated report access on android mobile

Assets Tracking

  • Assets Entry
  • Assets Listing and Search
  • Calculate Total Assets Value
  • Manage Assets status
  • Manage depreciation
  • History Log - user-field wise with date and time

Client Management

  • Register Client
  • Add Project
  • Track Client Payment and Receipt
  • Client Listing and Search
  • Manage Client Documents
  • Client Communication and notification - SMS and Email
  • Manage Note for Client
  • Print and Export Client Detail
  • Manage Client Status
  • History Log - user-field wise with date and time

User, Roles and Access Permissions

  • Multiple users can be created
  • Access can be defined and customized for user and role
  • Screen wise permissions allowed
  • Action(Save, Edit, Delete etc) wise permissions allowed


  • Display overall company/institute highlights
  • Weekly Income/Expenses (Current Week)
  • Weekly Enquiry/Registration (Current Week)
  • Previous Month Income/Expenses
  • Previous Month Inquiry/Registration
  • Today's Follow-up
  • Total Business Summary
  • Current week business summary
  • Previous month business summary
  • Expected next week income

Search and Filter

  • Search feature is added in all modules
  • Search is based on multiple parameters as per module requirement
  • Throughout the application Free Text(Basic) and Advanced Search is implemented
  • Export feature works with Search Records
  • Pagination is implemented throughout the system to handle huge volume of records
  • Search criteria also supports order by clause

Placement Management

  • Add/Edit/Delete Student in placement list
  • List and Search of placed students
  • Category and Company wise listing
  • Export placement list

Master Data Entry

  • Manage Course
  • Manage Batches
  • Manage Email/SMS Template
  • Manage Note
  • Manage Company List
  • Manager College List
  • Manage Employee Type and Shift
  • Manage Document Type
  • Manage Employee Department
  • Manage Payroll Category
  • Manage Employee Posotion/Role
  • Manage Bank List
  • Manage Expenses List
  • Manage Expenses Type
  • Manage Occupation List and more

Email Log

  • Tracking Email sent from system
  • Free text search on email
  • Listing of emails
  • Delete email conversation

Data Export Options

  • Export feature is present throughout the application
  • Export Formats - EXCEL, PDF, CSV, JPG, PNG
  • Export tabular data
  • Export graphs in image format
  • Filter records then Export
  • Export Advanced Reports
  • Export Dashboard Reports

EIS Backup and Recovery

  • Database backup support
  • Uploaded Document backup support
  • Deployed Instance Backup

Online Exam

  • Improve your service quality through online exam and practice series
  • Conduct Online Test
  • Share Practice Test with Student
  • Exam Result Analysis
  • Advanced Test Configuration and Analytics

Parent/Student Access Panel

  • Allow Parent/Student to login to our portal
  • Improves customer engagement
  • Download Documents/Files
  • Check Links Shared by Trainer
  • Online Exam - Practice or Live Test
  • Check Results and Progress

Data Sharing

  • Share Files with Students/Parent
  • Share Important Links with Students/Parent
  • Share Notification - Private or Public
  • Search and Filter documents

Library Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, List and Search on Library Items

    (ex. Book or CD etc)

  • Manage Stock
  • Stock purchase summary (item wise)
  • Issue Book or other library items to student
  • Issued item List and Search
  • Item return handling
  • Penalty calculation - when delay in item return
  • Penalty calculation - any damage in item
  • Different search options like -
    • Search by item
    • Search by Student Name or ID
    • Search by Batch
    • Free text search (search by any field)

Store Management

  • Add, Edit, Delete, List and Search on Store Item(ex. Book or CD etc)
  • Manage Stock
  • Stock purchase summary (item wise)
  • Issue Book or other store items to student
  • Issued item List and Search
  • Item re-issue support with a warning message
  • Different search options like -
    • Search by Item
    • Search by Student Name or ID
    • Search by Batch
    • Free text search (search by any field)

Daily Status Report (DSR)

  • Team Builder
  • Questionnaire builder team wise
  • Batch schedule management for DSR
  • Filing DSR frequency setting (Time slots to fill DSR)
  • Manager/Supervisor reviews and rating
  • DSR entry, review, editing, listing, searching and rating
  • Export DSR
  • Multiple filter options
  • DSR – Schedule wise or non-schedule wise
  • DSR Patterns -
    • Questionnaires
    • Schedule Tasks (Batch-Topic)
    • No-Rules DSR

Attendance Management

  • Manage attendance for Student and Employee
  • Punch-monitor (in and out)
  • Attendance marking through – Biometrics, RFID, QR, Manual
  • Absent/Present SMS notification to Parent for given batch-schedule
  • Handing absent, present, leave and regular-in-out punch/mark
  • Batch/Schedule wise attendance management
  • Attendance list for Student
  • Attendance list for Employee
  • Attendance and Fees-Status combined reports to help in fees recovery
  • Attendance data export in Excel file
  • Detailed reports and search criteria to answers business queries
  • Attendance works in offline and online both modes

Biometrics, RFID, QR, OMR

  • Biometrics (Thumb Scanner) for attendance and record search
  • High speed Biometrics scanner (less than 1 sec)
  • No limits for thumb-scanning using Biometrics device
  • No profile limits for Biometrics, can work as per your plan
  • RFID for attendance and record search
  • QR Code for profile, receipt, attendance and record search
  • OMR (Optical Mark Reading) result import supported for offline result entry
  • STQC certified Biometrics scanner
  • ISO & ANSI fingerprint (thumb) template support

    (ANSI378 / ISO19794-2)

  • Lowest FAR and FRR NIST complied interoperable thumb-template format standards
  • Biometrics supported for Window OS and Linus OS

Integration & Devices options

  • Tally ERP integration supported
  • OMR System integration using Excel import
  • Biometrics device integration for attendance and search
  • RFID for attendance and search
  • QR Code for profile, receipt, attendance and search
  • Online Test (public online-test) enquiry integration for your existing website
  • Mobile App integration (Android App)

Tag/Label/Bookmark Handling

  • Tagging support to any record
  • Search based on Tag
  • Record search in combination with Tag and any existing criteria
  • Add customized/user-defined Tag
  • Tag - Remove/Untag/Delete and Edit supported
  • Global and Module wise tag supported

Marketing Campaign

  • Create Campaign
  • Track enquiries under Campaign
  • Enquiry Source Tracking
  • Campaign response (success/failure) reports and analysis
  • Campaign expense tracking (Categorized : news-paper, email, sms, referral-website/, pomlet/leaflets distribution,