Common Mistakes Done By Coaching Institutions

  1. Fees recovery – installments/EMI, PDCs, due-dates, tax, refund, penalty  is the most complicated task for any institution
  2. Inquiry and followup is generally complicated. It must be timely and strategic based on past conversation with student. Also lot of dependency on specific counselor/emp due to no-centralized-conversation-log-system present in manual case. If he/she is on holiday the followup is generally get skipped. Excel based system cannot notify scheduled-followup. Improper followup results in business losses
  3. SMS and Email communication – Student contacts are stored in different excel files  and sms/email communication system is different. This creates problem to share contact from one place to another.
  4. Time taking process to calculate income and expenses for given date range
  5. Attendance management through manual process is a difficult task. Specially when you need to send sms-notification to parent when their child is reached-institute or left-from-institute for security reasons(kidnap issue)
  6. Employee daily reporting is generally not taken care by institutions
  7. Data Sharing with students through Email or Pen-Drive or Google Drive is uncontrolled
  8. Monitoring and tracking  of employee/counselor activity on daily basis is a challenging task 
  9. Bad-debt and Refund analysis is complex for any business
  10. Income prediction for month/year/quarters is generally based on assumptions not on real facts or historical business data
  11. Historical Business Analysis takes around week or longer when requested during business meetings
  12. Batch and Course wise growth comparison with past year
  13. Time consuming business analysis like compare different factors on yearly/monthly basis
  14. Electronic data losses due to virus/malware/flat-files/shared files/Excel/PDF/unstructured network setup
  15. Data Security issue due to  lack of Role, Permission and Access System presence
  16. Usually internal employee steal data and sell off to competitors
  17. Preparing data(expenditure – income/expense) for financial year reporting then sharing to CA for Balance Sheet Making; this takes couple of week and in fact difficult to gather such reports

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