EISdigital 9.4 – 01 February 2022

This version introduced various feature improvement and update, suggested by our customer and analyst across the whole system. Here are the complete list:
Bulk Import Feature Added
  • Followup in Enquiry
  • Custom Fields in Enquiry and student
  • Note or Comment in Student
Multi Branch Update
  • Lead List
  • Centralized Lead List
  • Move Student from branch to other
  • Employee List
  • Client List
  • Assets List
Other Updates
  • Fee Schedule added in mobile and web/ cloud for student and backoffice user
  • Student Feedback added from mobile and display in web with reply
  • Attendance Special case added in dashboard for Quit and Due fee, student’s name displayes when attendance marked/punched
  • Payment gateway added (add-on service)
  • Invoice based payment added if payment gateway activated
  • Self SMS topup service provided to client to buy online (For quick buy)
  • Bulk sms one-to-one and one-to-many added
  • GST details can add in student profile if they want to take ITC benefit
  • Improve usability/UX for quick access like: (1). Quick edit in enquiry and student fullview, (2). Receipt no. edit if entered wrong, (3). Report option display in all menu section using pie icon, (4). Quick search in enquiry and student fullview for options like edit, delete, payment.