EISdigital 9.3 – 01 January 2022

This version introduced various feature improvement suggested by our customer and analyst across the whole system. Here are the complete list:
  • Fee due and overdue report added in dashboard and report section
  • Student subscription expiry report added in dashboard and report section
  • Test pie-chart based report added for single test analysis - can check percentage based student performance segregation
  • Test result - marks, send subject wise using SMS and notification
  • Batch subject performance report added: for subject and batch wise analysis for all test
  • Source wise report added (Enquiry source and lead source)
Lead and Enquiry Module Update
  • My Lead and My Enquiry option is now available in Mobile app and web - You can assign limited Enquiries and Leads to your counselor or operator. This will help to manage your records more easy and systematic.
  • My lead followup and my enquiry followup added in web/cloud. Lead and Enquiry can be assigned to self, so that they can see their data only and no need to assign manually.
  • You can filter lead and enquiry entered by user
  • Quick response added for fast followup in mobile and web
Mobile Update for student module
  • Share data/assignment to student in app with read only permission i.e. if we share PDF or Image batch wise/one to one, students can't download and take a screenshot
  • Student attendance report with pie chart for student/parent in App. Before it was only showing attendance counts
  • Store and Library Issued item list added in mobile
  • Student can check available stock of library
  • Student can pay fees online using payment gateway
Mobile Update for Back Office
  • Visitor register introduced in mobile app - Now you can track all visitors who visited in your classes for coaching, business or other purpose
  • Mobile permission added for backoffice user, manage from web/cloud
  • Common Reasons added for quick followup in mobile and web/cloud
  • Student module added in mobile app: (1) Student Registration, (2) Student payment , (3) Define EMI, (4) Basic update student, Active, Block, (5) Attendance Report for student (6) Send Notification like SMS/Email/App
Setting Update
  • Employee ID card pattern and setting updated
  • Student ID card pattern and setting updated
  • Tax
  • Institute Detail
  • Scheduler setting