EISdigital 9.0 – 01 January 2021

Scalable and Affordable Video Hosting Platform launched by EISdigital.com in this release. This features is introduced in EISdigital during COVID-19 Lockdown Period. Check detail below:
  • Scalable Video Hosting/Storage Platform
  • Video Format Conversion Solution(Example: flv to mp4, mkv to mp4 etc)
  • Video conversion into multiple resolutions/quality (Example: 720p, 480p etc)
  • Supported in Mobile and Web Platform
  • Mobile player support for multiple quality(720p/480p etc) and watch-speed(1.5x/2x etc)
  • Introduced Dynamic Dashboard in Mobile App
  • Self-Customizable institute profile page in App (like a complete single page website having about-us, contact-us, services pages)
  • Section-Wise-Test feature added in Online Test Module. This feature is used exclusively in IIT/JEE exams